The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of Soil Scientists. Our objectives are to promote all branches of Soil Science and to support all soil scientists across the world.

On December 5 th 2015, celebrating the World Soil Day and the International Year of the Soils, the International Union of Soil Science launched through the Vienna´s Declaration the “International Decade of Soils: 2015- 2024”, defining as two of its most important tasks: to stop the land degradation and to put the main focus of our activities on school-age children .

This general framework precedes and sets the educative project “THE IUSS GOES TO SCHOOL” as a proposal for the development of an inter-regional collaborative education and awareness program on Soil Science for its preservation.

“THE IUSS GOES TO SCHOOL” is part of the IUSS GENERAL EDUCATIONAL PROJECT proposed by its current president, and through which we pretend to offer our soil scientists’ community to work hand in hand with all national societies belonging to the IUSS in order to share actions and tasks working with a section of the population that require all our attention to achieve our main objectives:


Main objective:

To involve soil scientists through their direct participation in the soil science educational and awareness- raising of future citizens of the world, in order to really set their eyes, brain, feelings and hearth on The Soil.


Specific objectives:

- To achieve through cognitive and awareness activities that every child and young person on school age understands why the soil resource is essential to the existence of life on Earth.

- For every child to comprehend how the loss of fertile soil affects their daily life and to understand the urgent need to preserve it.